Viking 625.3

Viking 625

Viking 625.3 is a perfect combination head for mixed harvesting, thinning and clear cut, and an extremely well function head on Hardwood, due to its unique design. The head has got  solid knife arms, with fixed four knifes, and floating, angled, feed roller linking system which gives the head its outstanding performance in bent and knotty timber. It also makes it possible for multi stem cutting without any extra equipment installed. The saw cylinder is mounted on the top of the saw box and there is only one tiny hose for greasing to the saw unit.



925 kg

Delimbing edge-edge:
420 mm

Max opening between rollers:
570 mm

Hydraulic flow min:
170 l/min

Saw bar max:
75 cm

Control system:
Dasa 380
Dasa 4 
Valmet Maxi
Timberjack 300 &3000
Aptor 20
Ponsse Opti

Feed rollers:
Spike rollers or Miopu

Viking 625.3 fitted to Ponsse Ergo working on Ponsse Opti system in Swedish forest

Ecolog harvester with Viking 625 head in UK